Employee Absenteeism Reporting

Employee absenteeism is one of the most significant employer issues that companies face today. Not only are the costs staggering – the effect of unscheduled absenteeism on employee morale and productivity is prohibitive to the success of many companies. A properly implemented absenteeism management tracking program is important because it allows an employer to gain insight into the root causes of their unscheduled absences. Depending on your work environment, the following may be useful to track:

  • The incidence of absence (such as seasonal or Monday/ Friday absences);
  • The type of absence (such as sick leave or WCB);
  • The reason for the absences;
  • Individual employee absence history;
  • The average duration of absence; and
  • The dollar costs of absence

Absenteeism Reporting Overview

Our company is a major provider for both Human Resources data collection and absenteeism reporting for some of the largest manufacturing companies in Canada. We understand that the relationship between the company and their employees is a strong and important one. Our absentee management program ensures that your employees feel valued within the workplace and that productivity remains at its peak.

Ideal for

  • Union memberships
  • Manufacturers
  • Retail
  • Large employee base
  • Off–site employee base

Key Features of Absenteeism Reports

  • We provide a dedicated toll–free number for employees to check–in to report absence or lateness
  • Customized call flow ensuring all pertinent information is gathered and the appropriate persons are notified
  • 24/7/365 operation ensuring live agent response
  • We will provide voice logger capabilities to record calls for Quality Assurance purposes and to provide to your organization reference when dealing with issues regarding information discrepancies between unionized employees and information recorded
  • Real Time secure online access to call in information

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