Emergency Response Service

A 24/7/365 emergency response service is an important feature for any emergency management plan. Security alarms, stuck elevators, flood, fire, industrial accidents whatever the causes, having an emergency response line increases safety and reduces risk for your business assets, employees and customers.

Emergency Response & Emergency Call Service Overview

We have extensive experience in Emergency Response and Dispatch Call Centre programs creating peace of mind, safety and security for businesses of all types and sizes across Canada. We will supply your business with a cost effective solution which includes a 1-800 number with live afterhours call response and answer coverage.

Ideal For:

Our Emergency Response and Dispatch Service is for businesses demanding professional and personal after-hours call response …guaranteed! This service is ideal if your activities must:

  • Connect with a live person
  • Manage process for non-emergency and emergency calls
  • Follow a strict on-call escalation procedure
  • Document the progress of call traffic to track dispatch and response time
  • Provide hard copies of all messages to track and manage your business
  • Require holiday call response

Key Features:

  • Improve availability commitment for your customers
  • Detailed reported escalation history
  • Peace of mind for responsible service level management to your customers, 24/7/365
  • Service provisioning with focused priority on Customer Service
  • Recorded calls available for reference

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