Direct Response Fundraising

How personal is the service?

We create customized solutions for specific client requirements. Our technology allows us to integrate via a web-based platform and we can create agent screens for you that reflect your business and messaging. Our agents are trained extensively on your organization as well as the program components providing a seamless caller experience. Together with reporting reflecting your criteria, data delivery when you need it, we can get results to you faster. We invest the time it takes to get to know all about you and your prospective donors so that our personnel can ensure the integrity of the service we provide and the results we will obtain.

How do you know my business?

After 20+ years of fundraising and direct response programs we’ve developed a recognized and reputable response centre. Although every application is customized to meet client-specific call handling criteria, we have a selection of ‘tried and true’ platforms on which to install your service and can provide you with fully-trained personnel that consistently deliver on performance objectives. We’re a dedicated team with a fundraising mindset so your business is our business!

What are the main benefits our organization offers? We offer two key criteria:


Specializing in donation response and focused on call conversion for a portfolio of 70+ Not For Profit organizations, everyone gets to benefit from our call centre structure and performance expertise. We’ve also worked with countless ad agencies, media buyers, direct mail companies, webmasters, processors and analysts so we understand that fundraising is not only a team effort but a costly endeavor. We have great respect for the ‘cost per acquisition’ so first call conversion is our primary goal.


Daily staffing, training, monitoring and reporting is the norm for any direct response service facility but knowing how many, how-to and where there’s room for improvement is the learning curve you’ll be skipping with us. Paying to educate your call centre partner is a very long and costly experience.

With our experience and expertise, we help you build your donation dollars – not deplete them!

How do we make it happen?

Our ‘Design Team’ is comprised of members from each of our call centre departments. They review your corporate information, the campaign strategy, marketing plan, media blocking charts and program objectives. A comprehensive draft of how we will script, deliver data and design reporting is then presented to you for review. Once approved our Information Services (IS) team completes the installation which has been based on use of best practices and proven approaches to keep call times and costs low; adapting your specific needs to build screens designed to control call length and call detail. Extensive experience with installing Not For Profit campaigns provides you another cost benefit as we have programming templates to accommodate the basics, saving you design time for data entry screens and reducing hourly programming costs. If you need to import, export or save files, we can comply in basically any formats − whatever works for you or your systems. As for reporting, just tell us what you need. Standard, specialized, call detail and custom analysis reports are available to your specifications.

Let us show you how we have helped some of North America’s most successful fundraisers reach their goals year after year. Service packages and rates are scalable to meet every campaign requirement. Call us today!

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