Finding the Right Service Provider

Posted on 09/07/2012

Searching for the right service provider can be difficult and time consuming. How do you know what provider can give you the best bang-for-your-buck? It’s not easy, but we have a checklist that can help make your decision easier:

–       Do they provide the services you need?

–       Do the company values fit the values of your company?

–       Can the provider be flexible to fit your specific needs?

–       Is the level of customer services inline with your objectives?

–       Is the company easy to contact?

–       Is the service provided going to help your business succeed?


If you can find a third party company that answers yes to all these questions, then you’ve found yourself a service provider.

Here at TigerTel we are proud to share that our branches are continually recognized for superior service levels by industry associations such as CAM-X and ATSI. The service offerings at our different branch locations show our diversity and our commitment to adapting to service requirements in different geographical locations. This month we want to highlight our Montreal branch, and the range of services provided here.

TigerTel Montreal offers a comprehensive suite of call centre services including:

–       Emergency response

–       Work alone check-in services

–       Order entry

–       Absentee reporting

–       Alarm monitoring

–       Traditional answering service

–       Customer survey applications

–       Inbound customer service

–       Tier 1 tech support

–       Non-live check-in


Key features of the Montreal centre include:

–       Multilingual support

–       Customized business solutions

–       Increase efficiencies and lower costs

–       24/7/365 live agent response

–       Multiple centre overflows

–       Dedicated client service team

–       Dedicated agent pool

–       High call volumes and scalability

–       Tenured staff


We set ourselves apart from our competitors by working with our clients to answer “yes” to all of the questions on their checklist. We are determined to help our customers find a solution that works for them.

Our 12 locations offer a wide variety of services. For more information on what services each location provides, check out our website at and learn how TigerTel can become your service provider of choice!



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